Set up in 1997 it was only a reference room and in 2000 it was expanded and renamed a library. It has been developing rapidly since 2003 and in 2005 it had a facility of its own and in 2007 the new library building was completed, which has a floor area of 16,800 square meters with a storage capacity of a million volumes. It houses 2,000 reading seats and the digital reading rooms hold 200 seats. Of the 26 staff, one is a research librarian, another an associate research librarian, six librarians with medium-grade academic titles, and 20 assistant librarians. The library divides into an acquisition and CAD logging office, online resource office, a lending section, a newspaper and periodical lending section, and a consultancy section.

        Aiming to build up a resource system with its features, the library focuses on collections in language, literature, economics, art, and philosophy, to meet the needs of the college in developing the programs. The library has 530,000 volumes of paper books now which cover all the fields of learning in this college. Besides it has 520 domestic and foreign periodicals and about one hundred newspapers. It has 5,437 bound volumes of periodicals. To change with the world, the library is building itself into a compound library with both traditional and digital functions. The library has bought about 200,000 sorts (volumes) of digital books such as, for instance, all the 16 databases of CNKI from Tsinghua Tongfang, the Duxiu Databases from Beijing Chaoxing, and Chaoxing Digital Library. The library has also acquired the “Resource Pool for Teaching at Higher learning Institutions in China”, and Chongqing Weipu Test Database from Beijing Dayan Rongzhi Co. Ltd. The library has also some 24,000 disks.

        The library engages in reading activities such as “Passionate May” for students to share their experiences in reading and “Book Sea in April” to disseminate the collections in the library. The two events have become the brands of our campus life.


   Call Periodicals Lending Room (2nd floor, library, western campus) at 84575034

        About 500 current periodicals in categories such as languages, literature, art, economics, politics and law, and other fashionable magazines and some 80 newspapers are for readers to use inside the library, and bound periodicals are available for lending.


   Call the Reference Reading Room (3rd floor of the library, western campus) at 84575029

        Available here are reference books,textbooks for retention, and books worth keeping because of their value for research and books in rare fields of learning.


   Call Reading Room 1 (4th floor, library, western campus) at 84575135

        I: literature; B: philosophy, psychology, and religion; K: history, geography; G: culture, education, and sports; R: medicine, health; Q: biological science; Z: general purposes; E: military affairs; N: natural sciences; P: astronomy and geoscience


   Contact Reading Room 2 (5th floor, library, western campus) at 84575136

         A: Marxism, Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, and Deng Xiaoping Theory, C: social sciences; D: politics and law; F: economics; H: languages and characters; J: art; O: mathematical and physical sciences, chemistry; S: agriculture; T: industry (including TP: automation, computer technology; TU: architecture; TS: light industry, handicraft; ) ; U: transportation; V: aviation, spaceflight; X: environmental sciences and safety science


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