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        A Profile of The College of Humanities and Sciences of Northeast Normal University (CHSNENU) 

        The College of Humanities and Sciences of Northeast Normal University (CHSNENU), an independent undergraduate institution approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education, was founded in February 2004. Situated in the scenic Jingyue Tourism Economic Development Zone, a suburb of Changchun, CHSNENU has two campuses with a floor area of 260,000 square meters on a piece of land of 40 hectares. With the Northeast Normal University and other universities as its neighbors, the College enjoys an excellent academic and humanistic environment.

        The college upholds a philosophy of Success Education, the essence of which is Everybody Can Be a Success. It always follows the motto of “Be diligent, creative, competent and productive”. The College has 12 schools/departments with a faculty of 650 and 11,000 students in 42 programs. In 2009 it started its master degree programs in cooperation with the Northeast Normal University in the fields of language, literature, econornics and arts.

        The CHSNENU stresses development of its academic programs focused on humanistic areas and is developing harmoniously with other fields of learning. Language and economics programs have begun to show more eye-catching features. The Chinese language and literature and English Studies are chosen to be provincial pilot projects for educational reform. The Urban Community Management and Japanese Studies are made feature construction projects at the national and provincial levels. Subject courses, excellent courses, and exquisite courses have also demonstrated achievements at the provincial level. Jilin Province Research Center for Human Body Databases and Clothing Models, run by our university, is recognized as a center for engineering research to be developed as part of the 12th-five year plan for higher education communities in the province. The Instruction Center by Media, based in our Department of Mass Media, is a designated experimental project to be developed as a provincial demonstration center for innovative instruction. The Program for Preparing Screen-media Personnel, using the model of Learning-Production-Research at the Department of Mass Media, is made an innovation-focused experimental pilot program for preparing personnel at higher learning institutions in the province .Our Chinese Language and Literature Program has been chosen as a national candidate for the Overall Reform Showcase Program by the authorities of the province. Our university has been proclaimed an “institution of school teacher training” by the provincial department of education, the only one of its kind among private universities within the province. In 2010, the university started a School of Social Welfare-the first of its kind throughout China-which has developed into a “Five-in-one” system for providing geriatric care. The new program prepares students to work in the future as managers and other high-end nursing staff within the nursing care industry. In the recent 5 years we have won over 250 prizes from the provincial government in teaching and research, and had about 840 research papers carried in joumals. The college has published over 180 books in different specialized fields, and undertaken about 180 research projects at the provincial or ministerial level.

        Aiming at a worldwide development, CHSNENU has established collaborate programs with many educational institutions in countries such as Japan, Denmark, Russia, the United States, Korea, Canada and Singapore, based on the models of 2+3, 3+1, or top-up programs for master degrees. Since 2000, we have had about 300 visiting learners, institutional representatives, and other people from several other countries. Over 20 delegations from the college paid visits overseas, since 2005 more than 500 students from other countries have come to study Chinese at our college. In 2006, Zhongyu International Center (Changchun) for Chinese Language Studies was set up at our college. The college is now the only private institution in the province that is authorized to provide services for international studies.

        In the course of the 24 years since its founding, the college has had over 30,000 graduates, the majority of whom are well received by their employers. Since 2005, the students who have been admitted as master candidates account for more than 10% of the graduates. Since 2006 more than 90% of our students have found jobs, In September 2005, our college won the prize of “Contribution in Creativity” and “Development of Chinese Private Educational Institutions” from the Office of Anna Chan Chennault ESCO and China’s Association for Adult Education. In 2009, and 2010 the college was honored with the title of Model Institution for Ethics by the Changchun Municipal government. Professor Mu Shuyuan, Chairman of the board, was made an Educator of Distinction at the National level. Beginning in 2008, our college was annually given the title of “Exemplary Institution for Ethic Work” by Changchun municipal government. Professor Mu Shuyuan, chairman of the Board, was named “National Educator of Distinction”. In 2011, the Higher Education Committee for China National Association of Private Institutions conferred the title of “Excellent University” upon our college and “Educator of Distinction of Private Higher Educational Institutions” upon Professor Mu Shuyuan.

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